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Michael Michael Kors Handbags le in a billowing gown at Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green's wedding It ame across as grateful for an energetic crowd and focused on playing quick cuts of her hits, keeping people moving and vamping for the many, many cellphone pics taken Monday evening. I had no idea y'all were gonna be so redacted crunk, she told the crowd. She paused before the show closed with some new material to compliment Nebraska some more and tell us where she's from in the form of a slow rendition of the hook on Jay Z's Empire State of Mind. Her backup singers eventually replaced In New York with Nebraska, making the lyrics that follow in the chorus concrete jungle where dreams are made of seem completely absurd if you took time to think about it. Even that was entertaining, and the general consensus of concertgoers I talked to afterward was We got what we expected, and we danced and danced. Her set lasted a little over an hour, or about 25 minutes longer than the stall tactics that the night's host, Houston Alexander, freely and refreshingly admitted he was using while Lil' Kim prepped for her performance. Those tactics included playing Biggie, Tupac, Ginuwine and Nate Dogg classics, so the crowd never turned on the show during the wait, as far a

Michael Michael Kors Handbags s I could tell. The openers for the HLN Productions show included R Shell Marie, Fieldhouse, Shannon Marie, Protoype XX and, for about 20 spectacular seconds, a magician. He is about to get the closing paragraph. Wearing a suit, cape and gold masquerade mask, he popped on stage between Prototype XX songs and broke off two or three standards that included turning a handkerchief into a dove. At least I think he did. I was stunned. Then he vanished behind the turntables. It was a personal highlight, and if his guerrilla stage bombing magician tactics become as ubiquitous on the O Street scene as the washboard player, the city will be better for it. WEDNESDAY UPDATE The magician called And it doesn't look like he'll be on the O Street scene for a little while, because Julian Henning of Council Bluffs, Iowa, is 15. He started doing card tricks when he was 12 and got into street magic after watching David Blaine's act. Early in his career, he's already won an Omaha talent contest and opened for a Kool and the Gang show in Omaha. So he wasn't too nervous when his cousin in Prototype XX asked him to come to Lincoln and perform a couple tricks during the group's set. He said he hung out in a little room backstage until right before it was

Michael Michael Kors Handbags time for him to go on. I had to go there so my dove's ears weren't being blown out by the speakers, Henning said. According to his Facebook fan page, he has quite a few doves. Its first is named Harriett, after Harriett Tubman. The second he acquired is named Blue, after this guy.Lili La Scala Burlesque star Lili La Scala, aka Felicity Wills, shares her passion for vintage style with Viva.To some she is Felicity Wills, while to others she is Lili La Scala, British burlesque star. Wills is in New Zealand as part of the Comedy Festival this weekend, transforming into Lili La Scala for her part in the risque variety revue Le Comique where she will combine burlesque with opera she is classically trained and balloons. Her burlesque background greatly influences her glamorous vintage style, on and off the stage, with her flame coloured hair, pin up girl costumes, and a love of Christian Louboutin heels. Le Comique, Sunday May 8, 7pm, SkyCity Theatre. Tickets $45.What are you wearing right nowThis little green dress came from Tete a Tete in Christchurch. The heels are a birthday present from my husband.How would a friend describe your styleA friend within the industry recently said, A strong feminine silhouette as epitomised in 30s Holly

Michael Michael Kors Handbags

wood glamour through to Dior's New Look.When I'm on stage, I like to wear.Costumes that sparkle, heels that are high and makeup that makes me look like a dinky little drag performer.How does your off stage wardrobe differA little less makeup, a few less sparkles.Who are your favourite designersI love Christian Louboutin for his ability to make feet a work of art. Vivienne Westwood makes clothes that flatter curves, and handbags to die for.What was the last item of clothing you boughtA 1950s green silk chinoiserie dress from Victorian Gilt in Remuera.What item of clothing or accessory do you want to buy nextI saw a dress in Victorian Gilt last week that I saw three years ago on my first trip to New Zealand. The vintage beauty has waited for me, and she is as lovely as I remember her.What's your biggest indulgenceguilty pleasureI spend far too much money on shoes, and I adore pearls.Your favourite shopTete a Tete is the most divine vintage shop full of lovely pieces. Here in Auckland, there's nothing like a rummage at Victorian Gilt.What is your beauty routineSet hair, cleanse, tone, moisturise, clean teeth, pop face on, brush hair out and apply hairspray and perfume.Lily Allen enjoys a crafty cigarette as she showcases her boho sty

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